Wiwasolvet is a business that provides renewable energy map data to companies looking to set up renewable energy sources in North America. They also promote awareness and use of renewable energy sources while keeping environmental, social and economic impact in mind.
Wiwasolvet logo design
Wiwasolvet takes parts of the words wind, water, solar, vegan, energy, and transport and combines them into one word. Sustainable energy forms the basis of all these ideas, even when it comes to what we eat to create energy.
Wiwasolvet businesscards design
We wanted to bring the base concept of sustainable energy to the forefront in the logo. We chose the idea of having a plug at harmony in the natural world. Or a concept of being plugged into nature itself.
Wiwasolvet wordmark design
We created a wordmark that helped break down the business's name into the parts that represent each word to help people read and pronounce it more easily. We paired each segment with colors we thought were a good fit for wind, water, solar and vegan, energy, transport.

Client Comments

client portrait

“Colleen Sweeney is a wonderfully skilled graphic artist that can take complex concepts such as sustainability and bring them to fruition brilliantly. Wiwasolvet fully recommends her work. ”

-Jacob Thompson

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